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Healthy Weight Week at Hounds

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  • Start : January 17, 2021
  • End : January 23, 2021


At Hounds, we know the seasonal change from summer to winter can also impact your dog’s health. In the winter your pup may be less active than in the Spring, Summer, and Fall, so you may want to make some adjustments to their diet to help support a healthy weight through the winter months. Join us at Hounds to celebrate Healthy Weight Week (January 17th-23rd) and learn how to improve your pet's overall wellbeing by making a plan for achieving a healthy weight.   

Tip #1 Watch The Treats: During the winter months, we all tend to overindulge. With all of the holiday meals, try to resist the temptation to also feed your dog extra treats. Consider trying Fromm Crunchy O's (1 calorie) or Zuke's Mini Natural (3 Calories) to keep your pup's over caloric intake down. Fromm Crunchy O's


Tip #2 Manage Their Caloric Intake: The amount of calories your dog consumes during the winter depends entirely on your dog. Some dogs will need extra calories in the winter so they can support the extra energy they need to fight the cold, while other dogs become less active so they need less calories or they may gain weight. In either case, feed your dog their normal amount and watch their weight. If they begin gaining weight, you may need to cut the calories back until the weather warms up again.  Try feeding Fromm Weight Management Gold or Heartland Gold for an amazing quality food that will help keep your pup at a healthy weight!  Fromm Weight Management 

Tip #3 Find Creative Ways To Exercise: Rather than cutting your dog’s calories, you might want to look at better ways for them to exercise during the winter if they are prone to weight gain. Maybe play some indoor games or try a new fetch toy in the yard. Exercise goes hand in hand with nutrition, so don’t forget this important aspect of your pup's care.  

Dog Exercise

Tip #4 Support Their Joints: During the winter the cold, dry weather can do a number on your dog’s joints. If you dog is older or is prone to arthritis or hip dysplasia, you’ll want to add some supplements for joint health. Glucosamine and chondroitin are great for joint support as are omega fatty acids. Try adding a dietary supplement to add to their normal feeding schedule.  

Tip #5 Pay Attention To Coat Health: During the winter, the only thing protecting your dog from the blistering cold is their coat. A dog’s coat can be negatively impacted by their food. If they have food allergies or intolerances, their coats can become thin and dry. Try Isle of Dogs Shine Crunchy Biscuits to support a healthy coat during the winter! 

Pay Attention To Skin Health: Skin health is crucial during the winter, because dry cracked skin can get worse in the cold winter weather. You also want to make sure their paws are healthy because as they walk on the snow and ice, they need extra protection against freezing feet. Hounds has amazing boots from Ultra Paws and Pawz and Pet Safe Ice to keep your dog looking stylish and staying safe in the snow.  

Let us know how we can help your pup achieve a healthy week this week and for the rest of the year!  And join us in the shop to celebrate -- we hope you and your FURiends stay safe and HEALTHY!